creations combo

self portrait nº1

calm like a bomb / personal type

grandma, gimme some color please

the fuji crazy bears

hummmm delicious

on solid rock we will

think about it

we have nice colors too

vanguarda nouveau / personal type

the white bear kids project

flying bear like "alberto seveso"

marcos natto test nº1

art for cd cover test

cd cover application

the seed is a virtual tree / personal type

marcos natto test nº2



self protrait nº2

marcos natto test nº3

self portrait nº3

marcos natto test nº4

icon grid vector

type treatments

pigeons vector

calm like a bomb personal type

CMYK pattern

brasil personal type

BUSCA logo and bg vector

another BUSCA logo and bg vector

before // after


some photoshoped images and vectors created by me for me


personal project